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Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

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Whiteline Anti Lift Kit
Replacement rear control arm mount and bushing


"The Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit replaces the mount and bushing at the rear of the front control arms and makes three very important changes to the front suspension.

Firstly, the urethane bushing in the mount, available in three variants, is much stiffer than the stock part. This means there will be less movement of the bushing under load, which keeps the wheel in better alignment and improves turn-in and braking response.

Secondly, the mount moves the bushing outward, which moves the ball joint forward to increase positive caster, which is also a good thing. More positive caster means better camber gain while cornering, more front end grip, and better steering feel.

Third, and most importantly, the mount moves the pivot point of the rear control arm downward. This is what changes the Anti-Lift characteristics and is where the part gets it's name. While the part is known as an anti-lift kit, it does not reduce front end lift. It actually removes all of the anti-geometry from the suspension, which will increase the amount of lift and dive while accelerating and braking. This, in effect makes the front suspension softer to improve grip.

The biggest thing you'll notice after installing a Whiteline ALK is greatly increased front end traction while accelerating out of a corner and less understeer.

KCA319A is the "Sport" ALK. It is also available in "Motorsport" (KCA319M) which uses stiffer urethane, and "Comfort" (KCA361). If you have an Outback or Forester, the stock bushings are already spaced downward to compensate for the raised ride height and the full benefits of the ALK will not be seen. We recommend replacing the OEM bushings with Whiteline part KCA375.

-Impreza 1993-2001
-Legacy 1990-2004

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Whiteline
Part # KCA319A
Made in
MSRP $249.19

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