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Motul RBF660 brake fluid

Motul RBF660 brake fluid

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Motul RBF660 brake fluid
Racing Brake Fluid - 500ml


Motul's RBF660 brake fluid takes the previous RBF600's already high boiling point and bumps it up to 660F to withstand even higher temperatures on the race track.

Two types of fade can occur when the brakes are overheated. Pad fade, and fluid fade. Pad fade occurs when the pad exceeds is maximum operating temperature. At this point you will be pressing down on the brake, and the pedal will stay firm, but the car will now slow down as well. Fluid fade is when the fluid in the caliper boils. This can be a much worse situation and the pedal will go to the floor and you get no braking power.

Neither situation is good, but you could argue that boiling the fluid is worse. As brake fluid ages, it absorbs water (yes, despite being a "sealed" system, you still get water in your brakes over time), and the boiling point is decreased. The wet boiling point, defined when water content reaches 3.5%, is 399. This is why it is important to bleed the brakes frequently.

Motul brake fluid comes in 500ml bottles. Generally, 2 are needed to fully flush and bleed an automotive brake system. As brake fluid collects water, open containers can not be stored for long periods of time.

Technical specs:

DOT 4 synthetic polyglycol brake fluid
660F / 328C dry boiling point
399F / 204C wet boiling point (3.5% water content)
Exceeds dot 5.1 temperature standards
compatible with dot 3, dot 4, and dot 5.1 brake systems
NOT compatible with dot 5 or mineral oil systems

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Part # 101667
Made in France
MSRP $28.77

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