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2015 WRX DBA and Ferodo Brake Package

2015 WRX  DBA and Ferodo Brake Package

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2015 WRX DBA and Ferodo Brake Package
DBA4000 rotors, Ferodo DS2500 pads, Stoptech SS lines, Motul RBF600 fluid


This brake package includes everything needed to upgrade the rotors, pads, lines and fluid on the 2015- present WRX. It starts with a full set of DBA 4000 series T3 rotors and front and rear Ferodo DS2500 brake pads. Also included are Stoptech stainless steel braided brake lines and 3 bottles of Motul RBF600 fluid, more than enough to do a full flush and bleed.

DBA's 4000 series rotors are designed for street and track use. They are made of quality, high-carbon steel, have anti-corrosive coatings on the hats and non-friction surfaces, and use an uni-directional "t-slot" and kangaroo paw venting design. They also have color changing paint so you can see how hot the rotors got during a track session. Slots in the surface of a rotor are a useful feature as they improve bite and keep the interface between the pad and rotor clean, giving dust and water a place to go. Cross drilled holes serve a similar purpose, but create a stress concentration where cracks can form, so we prefer slots to holes.

Ferodo is well known for making high quality racing brake pads, and the DS2500 is their compound suitable for street, auto-cross, and light track usage. A race pad provides high friction at very high temperatures, but when cold they tend to not have much bite, make a lot of noise, and wear down rotors quickly. So it's important to use the right pads for the job. The DS2500 has one of the highest friction coefficients available for street pads, which mean it is well suited to heavier cars with sticky tires, and it will work at temperatures over 500C.

To round out the package, we've also included a set of Stoptech stainless steel braided brake lines, front and rear, and 3 bottles of Motul RBF600 brake fluid.

Included parts:
2x DBA42650S-10
2x DBA42659S-10
1x Ferodo FCP1984H
1x Ferodo FCP1947H
1x Stoptech 950.47006
1x Stoptech 950.47507
3x Motul 100949

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Function Auto
Part # brk-pkga-2015wrx
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