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  1. SPC Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms
    Provides rear camber adjustment and includes an offset bushing that can be installed to increase toe adjustment range if required Learn More
  2. KW V3 Street Performance Package

    Regular Price: $3,163.73

    Special Price $2,900.00

    KW Variant 3 coilovers, Whiteline Com-C top mounts, and SPC LCAs for 08+ STI and 15+ WRX Learn More
  3. Ohlins Road and Track Coilovers
    Coilover Suspension system with independent ride height adjustment, front camber plates, rear solid top mounts. Learn More
  4. Cusco Rear Lower Control Arms

    Regular Price: $516.60

    Special Price $499.00

    Adds rear camber adjustment Learn More
  5. Cusco Touring A Struts and Shocks
    Adjustable OEM replacement dampers Learn More
  6. Cusco Rear Toe Links

    Regular Price: $540.00

    Special Price $525.00

    Reduced compliance and better toe adjustment Learn More
  7. RCE Yellow Springs Handling Package

    Regular Price: $1,002.56

    Special Price $885.00

    Springs, Rear Swaybar, LCAs, and Top Mounts combo for the 08-14 STI Learn More
  8. Kartboy Endlink Combo
    Front and rear solid endlink set for the 2008-2014 WRX and STI Learn More
  9. KW Variant 3 Coilovers
    Coilover suspension system with height and 2-way damping adjustment for the 08-14 STI Learn More
  10. MSI Street Front Camber Plates
    Motorsport quality adjustable top mounts Learn More
  11. MSI Solid Rear Top Mount
  12. Racecomp Engineering Tarmac II coilovers
    Height and 2-way damping adjustable suspension system for the 08+ STI and 2015+ WRX Learn More
  13. GTWorx Bilstein Trophy Cup Coilovers
    Custom Tuned Bilstein Coilovers for the 15+ WRX and STi Learn More
  14. Racecomp Engineering Black Springs
    Performance springs for the 08-14 STI Learn More
  15. Racecomp Engineering Yellow Springs
    Higher rate lowering springs for the 08-14 STI Learn More
  16. Whiteline Roll Center Kit
    Replacement ball joints and tie rods to compensate for lowering Learn More
  17. Whiteline 24mm Rear Adjustable Swaybar
    Heavy duty- intended for motorsports use Learn More
  18. Whiteline Rear Upper A-Arm Bushings
    Replaces oem soft rubber bushing on the inner mounts of the a-arm in the rear suspension Learn More
  19. Whiteline Front End Bushing Package

    Regular Price: $359.46

    Special Price $325.00

    For 2011-2014 STI Learn More
  20. Whiteline Adjustable Rear Control Arms
    Full replacement rear lower control arm to allow camber adjustment. Learn More

List Grid

Set Descending Direction

1-20 of 31

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