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TIC Super Shifter Kit 04-05 6MT

TIC Super Shifter Kit 04-05 6MT

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TIC Super Shifter Kit 04-05 6MT
Turn in Concepts and Kartboy shifter and bushings combo for the 04-05 6-speed


The Kartboy shifter combo, which includes a shift lever plus front and rear bushings, is an excellent addition to any manual transmission Subaru. However, they do not do much to fix problems with lateral shifter slop. This is because that combo does not replace the bushings in the u-joint linkage where the selector rod connects to the transmission. The linkage bushings tend to wear out after awhile, and this is the actual cause for excessive side-to-side movement in the shifter. We've even take these apart and found the original bushings to be completely missing after they had worn down, cracked into pieces, and fallen out.

Thankfully, Turn in Concepts developed their own replacement bushings for the u-joint linkage, which will greatly improve shifter feel with or without the rest of the kit. With an older car, these bushings are likely the most effective improvement you can make to the shifter (but we really like the Kartboy parts too).

So, the Super Shifter Kit includes all of the following parts:

- Kartboy short throw shift lever
- Kartboy front shifter bushing
- Kartboy rear shifter bushing
- Turn in Concepts pivot bushings (these go in the kartboy lever)
- Turn in Concepts shift linkage bushings

This combo will replace every bushing associated with the shifter system and results in a drastic improvment in shifter feel. Play, slop, and "squishyness" will all be nearly completely eliminated, which results in excellent feedback from the shifter and fewer missed shifts.

For more info about the shifter system, and to see a diagram of the shifter and related parts check out the shifter FAQ we have on our sister site, hellafunctional:

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Turn in Concepts
Part # 1001-01-0210
Made in United States

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