Subaru Brake Pad Info

If you have a 2002-2003 Impreza/WRX and are looking for brake pads, some cars experienced a mid-year changeover. One way to be sure to get the correct pads is to go to a dealership with your vin-number, but in that case you're limited to the OEM pads.

The best way to know for sure what type of pads you need is to actually go out and look at them on the car. There are two different front pads, and two different rear pads. Here's a side by side comparison of the front brake pads:

Pad shape D721 is the pad used on earlier models from 97-02. Pad D929 is the later, 03+ pad.

For rear pads, there was also a change in 03 or so:

The D770 pad was used from around 99-02. If you have a 98-99 model year Impreza or Legacy, you'll want to confirm that you do in fact have pad shape D770 and not the earlier shape D471. If you have a 2003 WRX, it's likely that your pad shape is D770. The newer shape is D1004.

Here are the two shapes courtesy of the Hawk catalog:

The D770 pad is also used on the 00-04 Legacy, known as "H6" brakes, so if you perform this upgrade on a 03+ Impreza you will need to swap to this pad. It is also the pad used on the 05-09 Legacy GT vented rear brakes.

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