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RCE Yellow Springs Handling Package

RCE Yellow Springs Handling Package

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RCE Yellow Springs Handling Package

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Springs, Rear Swaybar, LCAs, and Top Mounts combo for the 15+ STI


The Racecomp Engineering Yellow Springs are an excellent modification for the STi. They offer a good rate increase for better handling while remaining within the capabilities of the stock struts and shocks. Lowering is fairly mild at 20mm front and rear to avoid the issues that arise from being too low.

To compliment these great springs, we have put together a package of parts that will improve handling performance at a great price. To get the most out of the suspension, a good alignment is critical, so this includes Whiteline Com-C offset front top mounts and SPC rear lower control arms.

The front tops are stiffer rubber, similar to sti group n harness, and will reduce deflection under load for better control and more consistant alingment. In addition to the harder material, the bearing is offset in and back, to add negative camber and positive caster. Having adequate negative camber at the front wheels is critical for grip, and the combination of these two will put the front tire in much better contact with the road while cornering.

At the rear end, the suspension experiences the opposite problem: there is too much camber. With any lowering, the rear alignment will often end up with -2.5 degrees or more camber. For ideal balance, we like to have more front camber if possible. Stock, the car has the opposite setup, with much more rear camber. The SPC lower control arms provide an easy way to reduce rear end camber by providing a cammed bolt and washer system at the outer edge. Additionally, these arms use SPC's new "X-Axis" flex joint, which is essentially a sealed spherical bearing, to reduce compliance in the rear suspension. A set of offset bushings are also included, which can be installed in the rear toe arms if necessary (however with this pacakage it should not be required).

The third part included to compliment these springs is a 22mm Whiteline adjustable rear swaybar. This larger bar will reduce understeer and improve front end grip, and has three adjustment holes to allow fine tuning of handling balance. The 2015 gets a 24mm front swaybar, which is fairly large. A rear bar upgrade goes a long way toward dialing out understeer and improving overall grip.

Parts included:

Racecomp Engineering Yellow Springs for 2015+ STI
2x SPC Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms
Whiteline Com-C offset front top mounts
Whiteline BSR49XZ 22mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar

We have kept this package down to what we consider the essentials. Additional add ons we would recommend can be found below:

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Function Auto
Part # spring-combo-15sti
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MSRP $1,235.14

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