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Whiteline Rear Crossmember Bushings

Whiteline Rear Crossmember Bushings

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Whiteline Rear Crossmember Bushings
KDT937 - Full crossmember bushing replacements


The rear crossmember is an important component of the car. It holds the differential, and all the suspension links attach to it, so it carries all the acceleration, braking, and cornering forces at the rear end. It attaches to the chassis with four large bolts, which unfortunately sit on some pretty soft bushings. Additionally, the differential mounts and suspension links contain more soft rubber bushings, so there is quite a bit of squish back there. This is great for keeping noise down and improving ride comfort, but bad at efficently transferring forces to the chassis.

On a car like the WRX or STi, sometimes we do see hard acceleration and cornering loads and would like to get rid of some of that squish. Whiteline has a variety of options to stiffen up the bushings by either replacing them completely or sliding an insert into the voids that make them softer.

For pure motorsports use, these full replacement bushings are the best option, but are a little harder to install, as the existing stock rubber pieces need to be pressed out of the crossmember.

Goes well with whiteline parts KDT905 and KDT906 solid rear diff mount bushings.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Whiteline
Part # KDT937
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MSRP $249.80

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