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Tokico D-spec and RCE spring combo

Tokico D-spec and RCE spring combo

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Tokico D-spec and RCE spring combo
Tokico D-spec struts and Racecomp Engineering springs package for the 02-07 Impreza/WRX

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Tokico D-spec struts are an excellent strut upgrade for the 2002-2007 GD Impreza, WRX, and 2004 STI. They offer adjustable damping force to handle a variety of conditions and spring rates. They can be set to ride comfortably on stock impreza springs, or perform on the racetrack with stiffer lowering springs. They've even been used for stage rally.

Unfortunately, D-specs were never very popular due to the high MSRP of nearly $900 and spotty availability, and seem to have been discontiuned (again). However, we have access to a limited number of sets, at clearance pricing. Alone, we are selling the strut set for $510. We thought we would take it one step farther and offer a package deal with springs and even more savings.

This suspension package includes a full set of Tokico D-specs, your choice of RCE black or yellow springs, and the strut spacers required to use the 04-07 style springs and rear top mounts with these struts. This is everything you will need to install this combo on your 04-07 Impreza, WRX, or 2004 STI (does not fit 05-07 sti).

Racecomp Engineering springs are some of the best performing parts on the market. They combine higher spring rates for a more responsive, better handling ride with minimal lowering. Excessive lowering with these cars hurts both cornering grip and ride comfort due to the limited bump travel available and compromises to the suspension geometry. RCE's most aggressive spring, the Yellow, only lowers about an inch while increasing the spring rate to much higher than that of an STI. To get the optimal on-road and track performance out of the D-spec struts, the RCE Yellows are the springs to use. The Black springs are slightly toned down, more street and daily driver friendly version. They don't lower as much, and the spring rates are a little lower. RCE yellow and black springs sell seperately for $349.

For use on an 02-03 Impreza or WRX, 04-07 rear strut tops are required. We can provide Subaru Group N tops, or OEM replacements from either KYB or Pedders depending on available stock.

We have also offered the option to add front top mounts. Whiteline com-c top mounts use harder rubber, similar to group N, but are offset to increase camber and positive caster. Added caster and camber are key to improving the handling of these cars, and the harder rubber means less deflection and better response than OEM. Group N tops are also available.

Note: These will fit on a wagon, and we do have RCE wagon springs as an option, but be aware that these, and most other struts and coilovers are designed for the sedan track width. Use on a wagon will result in reduced negative camber and additional parts might be required to reach desired alignment settings.

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